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Kate Kubala

Austin, TX based--travel always.







BRIDE trial one look (hair OR makeup): $100

BRIDE trial one look (hair AND makeup): $160

BRIDE trial two looks (hair AND makeup): $275

BRIDE day of: $275 package

BRIDESMAID/ADULT one service (hair OR makeup): $85

BRIDESMAID?ADULT two service (hair AND makeup): $160

MOTHER OF THE BRIDE/GROOM one service (hair OR makeup): $85-90

MOTHER OF THE BRIDE/GROOM two service (hair AND makeup): $175

JUNIOR BRIDESMAID (11-17 yrs): $75

FLOWERGIRL (10 yrs and under): $40

Touchup Fee $50/ Hour

EVENT + Photoshoot:

One look one service: $75+

One look two service: $125+

Touchup Fee $50/ Hour

Avant Garde: price point based on specifics and kit

Corporate + Film:

Half Day Rate Standard: $350+

Full Day Rate Standard: $500+


**All prices may be modified by travel fee upon discussion as well as extra kit fee's for specific requests